Self as Search History

Unraveling mask, roving loom
bedraggled threadbare sparse
stargut feathers, sprawling pines
evergreen evergrowing

Books as memory, extended self

Praying mantis, metamorphosis
trust — corroded eroded and dead
trash bag petulance, crickets
heat heath heed, don’t call me

How to stop being a desolate landscape

Are people made of seawater
sprinkled with lilies and stingbees
veering nasturtium spaceships
maybe a wraith or two
gladiola vagaries, dust bunny bone

Internet as extended mind, self beyond body

Local windstorm rips gutters from eaves
sends sandbox tarp sailing over cul-de-sacs
and graveyards

How to see comets from your basement

Violent cicada god destroys humanity
with an unearthly tone
split tips pittance, the composts of August
and rotting plums

Is the multiverse a honeycomb

I haven’t cried in twenty years
but with you I remember
the sea

Sobriety in the End Times

A crow struts with leaning strides. My strawberry blood
riots against me, choking on facefuls of earth. This drink —

lassitude mixed with heady turbulence, placidity lacking.
Cattails, insect drills, and trilling sparrows. A plump duck,

unhappy and love-haunted, bumbles into a hunter. Rose heads
toss upon the water’s edge, misshapen and nursing upon

egg-timer grains, their stalks behind them. Sunbeams
beat my nape. A bee lurches forth, snaking and snaked by slabs

of wind, slapping. I’m a thread — stung, coiled, and floating
upon the murk. Abandoned tractor tires sink further

into the mud, forming pools. Galaxies spin, thoughtless.
Pomegranate autopsy — the skin peels back to reveal

a cerebrum of red seeds — op of hell, loop of hell, loop of he —
Discordant, the moon — gibbous and gold and sputtering over

charcoal — pitches headlong through the dusk to cradle herself
in the arms of an unkempt elm. Distant mother, do I dream?

Wildflowers surge in sea of wind.
The shining field takes flight.

Amee Nassrene Broumand is an Iranian American writer from the Pacific Northwest. A Best of the Net nominee and a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, her work has appeared in numerous journals including 3:AM MagazineGlass: A Journal of Poetry (Poets Resist)Rust + MothBarren MagazineSundog Lit and Empty Mirror. More: Twitter @AmeeBroumand