Wood building and holy ghost

St. Michael’s Church, Mahim, Mumbai.

Even the ribbon of outward noise
          only encircles in a shadow
                    waning like foam on the windows.

Before bells or psalm, a praise for
          birds and boats alighting on
                    the harbour. A mourning pyre set

ablaze. What irrevocable grief in
          your heart do you arrive to
                    quench hither? Evergreens flare

into springtime. The radiance of day
          fleets again. Trees, camellias,
                    ghost, and sounds of flying geese

in shallow waters. A ghost walks on
          the linoleum floors. Architecture
                    of blue hands, what echo passes

betwixt fog and sea? Palette of
          quietude. A chanting memorial.
                    Surrender your austere while

passing through succulents, doorway
          to this shrine. The carnations,
                    candle, and chant will eventually

frame into fragments of silence. Cold
          fires calming in rain. Ghost retina.
                    A violet stream of dawning clouds.

Sneha Subramanian Kanta is a writer from the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. She is the recipient of the inaugural Vijay Nambisan Fellowship 2019. Her chapbook Ghost Tracks is available to order from Louisiana Literature Press. She is the founding editor of Parentheses Journal. More: snehasubramaniankanta.com