The Lovers Reversed

Ice in my coffee
melted gaps, flooded.
No sunglasses on nose

so I squint toward grass
who embraces beams tightly.
Seat beside me is taken

by sparrow refusing to spill
the soul it bore
in a previous life I knew.

I bow to the nameless chirp,
but my body aches
for a human on the frog green chair.

My soul would rather sit with the sparrow.


ice melts
along with frozen strawberries
this drink is pink on coconut
and cost me 20 złotych

on the sofa chair
at my right angle
sits Laura’s fox
upright with back legs crossed

fur looks too animated
in its ruby colour
and everything around me
gains childlike vision vibrancy

you’re going through the first breakdown
he says and folds
front paws on his knees

it feels like the time i put lemons
on my shaved head —
but this time you squeezed them out
pain isn’t eternal   he says
stands up and pets my citrus head

Kornelia Mlak is a bilingual writer and artist. They are interested in surrealism, the unseen and painting the blank page. Mlak’s work has appeared in Cork Words, The Disposable Stories, Poems from my 5k and The Echo. You can find her on Instagram @nellogello_