Wild, Happy & Free

being born is a way
of carrying yourself in the world
or being carried
as the case may be
it doesn’t matter in the end
nothing really matters
so go lightly
along the flight lines of a dream
or as heavy as a suitcase of rocks
if that’s the anchor
your dream requires
with the sky as a constant companion
the earth is ours
to kick ass in
we can start with our own
a wild mind is a happy heart
a happy heart is a free spirit
find a river to jump in
all the gods know how to swim
tread water sink or float
there’s an art to every act
under the sun
so we go forth bare-assed
unafraid to get burned

Mickey HAHA Mahan, when not running around the fenced-in baseball field at the local high school with his two little dogs, hangs in the boathouse he shares with his wife Deb, “Red Lily,” Thorna, the Pomahuahua princess Phoebe du Soleil and the Pomeranian puffball Clair de Lune. It’s all lick, kicks and tricks! More: Facebook @mickey.mahan.7 + Instagram @sevenseasoftheheart + Youtube @sevenseasoftheheart5762