CHAIN 3: Ménière’s Apophenia

If I ever hear anything at all
licked clear of the fuzz beneath the rushing
water falling, Giddyup partially
glue-trapped hammipedes shushing upstream,
porcine extrusions sidewind gutter balling,
if I ever hearing ground belly-up, portents sing
highwiring goosecracks, if ever I hear thinks
linked clean, kneehigh the bonejack,
if hearing I anything imputes dreams,
smells of hornets, smack it back, key lime
mornings brighten green in warning,
if anything hears I at all, lucky ducky
cutting up prophecies, swarming gordian
nightingales stormy, if never hear anything
I at all lost story in labyrinthectomy.

The disabled poem-making entity known as Roxanna Bennett gratefully resides on the aboriginal land covered under the Williams Treaties of 1923. They are the author of the award-winning Unmeaningable (Gordon Hill Press, 2019), unseen garden (chapbook, knife|fork|book, 2018), and The Uncertainty Principle (Tightrope Books, 2014). More:

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