Toronto illustrator Ben O’Neil’s Anonima (Tarot of the Nameless) deck reveals a world populated by sinister monarchs, mystical travellers and humming mounds of ancient, half-buried technology. Based primarily on the structure of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, it also draws inspiration from the Tarot de Marseilles, the Sola Busca, alchemy and folklore. For his contribution to the divinatory arts, O’Neil has created a complete 78-card tarot deck and packaged it in a two-piece illustrated box; the set comes with an introductory booklet and downloadable digital guide with all 78 card meanings.

Below we present an original portfolio featuring a selection of nearly a dozen cards from this brand new tarot deck, which debuted on Oct 01, 2022 at Canzine in Toronto.

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Ben O’Neil is an illustrator, writer and designer living in Toronto. His first graphic novel Apologetica was published by Popnoir Editions and nominated for a Doug Wright Award. His work has appeared in Jacobin, Exclaim!, Broken Pencil and Socialter. More: