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Fiction Editor — Jessica Poole
Poetry Editor — Taylor Brown
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2021/22 Editorial Staff
Grace Bilger
Susane Dang
Gabriella Dritsas
Elisabeth Finkelzon
Eileen Hack
Samuel Peacock
Sarah Peters
Jessica Poole
Eva Zheng

Recent Editorial Staff
Brezshia Ashcroft
Lauren Chang
Julia Diebel
Rooda Lee
Fiona Moore
Quinn Rankin
Elizabeth Standing

Past Fiction & Poetry Editors (C18-43)
Ariel Bissett (Fiction Editor, C38-39)
Emily Boothe (Poetry Editor, C40-41)
Jodre Datu (Poetry Editor, C42-43)
Felicia Deonarain (Fiction Editor, C19-23)
Jennifer de Visser (Poetry Editor, C22-25)
Samantha Dewaele (Fiction Editor, C34-35)
Julia Griffiths (Fiction Editor, C32-33)
Rebecca Hicks (Fiction Editor, C26-29)
Sarah Howden (Poetry Editor, C21)
Lisa Kellenberger (Poetry Editor, C26-31)
Victoria Kiely (Fiction Editor, C40-41)
Kelsey McCallum (Poetry Editor, C38-39)
Alla Miroshnichenko (Fiction Editor, C36-37)
Rebekah Roycroft (Poetry Editor, C18-20)
Elizabeth Shearly (Fiction Editor, C24-29)
Lauren Stein (Fiction Editor, C18)
Maggie Twidale (Fiction Editor, C30-31)
Christina Vazquez (Poetry Editor, C32-37)
Noelle Wakeman (Fiction Editor, C42-43)

One Reply to “Masthead”

  1. I love the “Chain: Response Poems” project! I just included it in the ‘prompting partners’ at Sparked, a new journal themed for pieces ‘sparked’ by prompts posted online at places like yours, 3Elements, Rattle’s Ekphrastic Challenge (and Poets Respond), Furious Fiction, Notebooking Daily and more. is the address, no fee submissions and we pay a token amount for publication—and with a 12/31 deadline we have are awarding an “Icebreaker Prize” to a piece submitted in December of $25. I know it’s not a ton, but we’re a labor of love with no ads and no fee submissions, looking to build some community amongst online promptsters. Have a great day and keep up the great work!

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