CAROUSEL has started an ongoing, international chain of response poems.


Poems are often in conversation with other poems — from those that recreate or re-envision long-standing formal conventions, to those written “after” or “inspired by” poems that came before them. Here at CAROUSEL, we want to experiment with this tradition in a deliberate way, on a large scale, over time. We therefore bring you CHAIN, an ongoing, global series of response poems — each connected to the one that came before it but also different enough to stand on its own and lead somewhere new. It starts with one poem — one link in the chain — and it gets built, link by link, indefinitely. We want to make something massive, meaningful and maybe a little bit monstrous.


Every chain needs a first link … to get things started, CAROUSEL commissioned the fabulous Canadian writer Andy Verboom to create CHAIN 01, the first poetic link in this project. We chose Andy because of his long-standing interest in collaborative poetics, both as an author of chapbooks like Full Mondegreens with David Huebert, and as a publisher of the ekphrastic journal long con and the multi-authored-chapbook press Collusion Books.

01 — ANDY VERBOOM Delusional Structures of the Inner Ear (Aug 2020)

02 — ZACKARY MEDLIN Tinnitus as a Form of Pareidolia (Sep 2020)

03 — ROXANNA BENNETT Ménière’s Apophenia (Oct 2020)

04 — KERRY RAWLINSON Lady Mondregreen (Nov 2020)

05 — JEREMY COLANGELO Foe Names (Dec 2020)

06 — NATALIE WILKINSON Trundlesung (Jan 2021)


If you want to be the next link in this poetic chain, visit our Submittable NOW and note these guidelines:

· submit 1 poem for consideration that responds to the most recent poem in the chain
· include your FULL NAME and EMAIL, and a short BIO
· preferred file format is .DOCX (we will also accept .DOC and .PDF)
· be sure to indicate which poem you are ‘responding to’ in the TITLE LINE of the submission
· we are interested in any and all forms of poetry including traditional, formal, experimental and concrete

EACH CHAIN LINK SUBMISSION WINDOW WILL BE OPEN FOR A MINIMUM OF 2 WEEKS (if we haven’t found a poem that feels like the perfect response work by then, it’ll remain open until we do!)

As this project grows, visit this page often to read all the poems in the chain-to-date — remember, this is a forward-moving project and you should only be responding to the latest poem in the chain (it’ll always be the one at the bottom of the list) — pay close attention to this page, our blog, our social media, or join our email list for updates.

This call will remain open indefinitely; when we choose and publish a new response poem, it will be announced, and added to the chain of poems above. At that time, the call will be updated, requesting a response to the next poem in the chain

WRITERS! If you want to receive a reminder email each and every time a new link in this poetic CHAIN is added, email us today at <> with the Subject Line: Next Link in the Chain and we’ll send you a notice about the latest poem as soon as it is available.