Asphalt Roads Rebel (for Agata)

In New Brunswick
asphalt roads rebel,
return to soil.

The earth itches
as tiny organisms
riding tiny organisms
crawl over its body.

Craggy-faced trees
They have no combs
to loosen
the tangles in their hair.

Squirrels flip the bird to other squirrels
and flip off the bird that stole
the nut left behind
by the creature crashing through
with cages on its feet.

The sky laughs
a milky laugh
as it turns
in its sleep.

Adam Lawrence’s poetry has recently appeared or is forthcoming in FreeFall, SurVision Magazine, Train: A poetry journal and Vastarien. In his spare time, Lawrence dabbles with small press projects. He works as a freelance editor and writer in Florenceville-Bristol, the French Fry Capital of the World.